About Me

I’m currently a producer at Electronic Art’s Sims Studio, working on The Sims 4. I graduated in 2013 from the University of Southern California with a B.S. in Business Administration and a minor in 2D Art for Games.


In 2010 I created this site to help out other USC student game projects with their art content, and ended up working on a bunch of different student game projects as well as eventually leading one of my own, Core Overload. Now that I’ve graduated it’s more of a portfolio site, so feel free to check out some of the stuff I’ve worked on.


If you’d like to get in touch or learn more about me, connect with me on LinkedIn here.



What I do professionally:
  • I’m a producer
    I own  a product or feature from the initial design phase all the way until we ship it out to customers. I work with designers to create a vision for a game, and then work with developers to execute that vision. Along the way it’s up to me to make difficult designs on what to cut to make deadlines, as well as ensure that end result is of shippable quality. All in all, producers are the voice of the player. If we don’t think players will like how a feature or game plays out, it’s our job to steer the team in a direction that better executes the best vision we have for the game.


  • I work with UX
    I’ve worked on a lot of complex games that require a good deal of player knowledge to play properly. I believe that a good user interface that is approachable and scalable is one of the most important things to invest resources into. Specifically, when I own a UX feature, I like to take prototyping into my own hands and mock things up with Photoshop and Flash to do some A/B testing.


  • I looks for places to improve the company I work at
    I’ve had the good fortune to work at some amazing, well-established companies that make very successful products. However, anyone who has worked at any sort of large company with a history knows that sometimes it’s easy to get stuck in old, inefficient processes. I identify and push for process or development improvements where I can without disrupting what is working right in the business.


What I do for fun:
  • I make web and mobile games
    I use Unity and Flash to prototype small game ideas. I taught myself Flash in elementary school (Macromedia Flash MX & Actionscript 2.0!) and have been creating stuff ever since. It’s nice to get my hands dirty and make stuff because during work I spend much more time facilitating the creation of games rather than actually making them.


  • I draw and animate stuff
    Before I was a producer, I did freelance artwork to help support my business major’s tuition. I did a lot of artwork for various game projects and other clients (student films, local businesses, etc.) Nowadays I’ve got a job so I don’t need to take up freelance work, but I still work on projects that come my way if they pique my interest.


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